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AMU physics


Spin-orbit driven magnetotransport in 2D Rashba systems and topological insulators
prof. UAM dr hab. Anna Dyrdał

Date, Time
10.06, 15:00 - 16:00

Link to MSTeams meeting

Spin-orbit coupling is responsible for certain states and phases of matter, such as chiral spin textures or interfacial and surface spin-polarized states. It also provides a unique possibility of pure electrical control of the spin degree of freedom. The spin Hall effect together with the current-induced spin polarization have become a hallmark of spin-orbitronics, providing an efficient tool for the so-called ‘spin-to-charge interconversion’ mechanisms.
Interestingly, the nonequilibrium spin polarization is at the origin of spin-orbit torque and various magnetoresistance effects.
During this seminar, I will describe the nature of magnetoresistance effects induced by non-equilibrium spin polarization. In particular, I will focus on bilinear magnetoresistance (a new MR signal proportional to both external electric and magnetic fields) in topological insulators with isotropic Fermi contours. I will also consider a magnetic hybrid structure based on a thin-film topological insulator, where one can expect a giant anisotropic magnetoresistance and highly tunable spin-orbit torque.