Symposium on Spintronics and Quantum Information 2022

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Time: December 8-9
Place: Audytorium Maximum im. prof. Franciszka Kaczmarka

Thursday, December 8

9.30-10.00 Opening

  • Vice-rector and Head of School of Exact Sciences, prof. Michał Banaszak
  • Dean of the Faculty of Physics, prof. Roman Gołębiewski
  • Director of the Institue of Spintronics and Quantum Information, prof. Ireneusz Weymann, Presentation and overview of the Institute’s activities in 2022
10:00-12:00 Scientific sessionChair: prof. Jarosław W. Kłos
10:00-10:20Maciej KrawczykFrom spin waves to magnetization pattern and time crystals
10:20-10:35Paweł Gruszecki
Inelastic scattering of spin wave beam at edge localized spin waves and
Goos-Hänchen effect for intelastically scattered spin waves
10:35-10:55Piotr GraczykModelling dynamics of spins and currents within s-d model approximation
10:55-11:10Karol Załęski Heusler alloy thin films on graphene and graphene-based materials –
approach to graphene-based spintronic devices
11:10-11:25Nikodem LeśniewskiMode softening in thin magnetic film influenced by perpendicular magnetocrystalline
anisotropy, Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction, and damping
11:25-11:40Uladzislau MakartsouFerromagnetic resonance in single and be-layered crescent-shaped
nanorod depending on the value of the magnetic field
11:40-12:00Tomasz PolakFailure of the mean-field like methods in strongly correlated many body systems
12:00-13:00 lunch
13:00-15:15 PhD sessionChair: prof. Maciej Krawczyk
13:00-13:15Shilan Ismael AboUnconventional photon-phonon blockade in hybrid quantum systems
13:15-13:30Anand ManaparambilNonequilibrium thermoelectric transport through Kondo correlated impurities
13:30-13:45Grzegorz CentałaRole of magnetic surface anisotropy in magnonic crystal
13:45-14:00Shashank ShekharInfluence of underlayer on surface acoustic waves velocity in CoFeB/MgO heterostructure
14:00-14:15Sreedevi JanardhananInvestigation of spin wave dynamics in Si/Ti/Au/CoFeB/Au multilayers with and without PMA
14:15-14:30Katarzyna KotusMicromagnetic and experimental studies on spin wave scattering in various magnonic systems
14:30-14:45Vrishali SonarSpin-Dependent Local and Non-Local Thermoelectric Response In Hybrids Quantum Dot Connected To Two Ferromagnetic And A Superconducting Lead
14:45-15:00Agata KrzywickaFinite-temperature pairing mechanism in the Bose-Hubbard model
15:00-15:15Piotr MajekMajorana-Kondo competition in correlated quantum dot systems
15:15-16:00 coffee break
16:00-18:00 Scientific sessionChair: prof. Krzysztof Grygiel
16:00-16:25Paweł KurzyńskiFrom order to chaos in reduced quantum dynamics
16.25-16:50Jan PerinaQuantum Liouvillian exceptional and diabolical points for bosonic fields with quadratic Hamiltonians: The Heisenberg-Langevin equation approach
16:50 -17.15Karol BartkiewiczSynergic quantum generative machine learning
17:15-17:40Grzegorz ChimczakThe effect of passive PT symmetry on the periodic behavior of a quantum system
17:40-18:05Kishore ThapliyalStokes and anti-Stokes correlations and ideal photon-pair generation in Raman scattering
Friday, December 9
10:00-12:00 Scientific sessionChair: prof. Wojciech Rudziński
10:00-10:24Levan ChotorlishviliImpact of the inverse Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction in spin caloritronics and
10:24-10:48Józef BarnaśCoupling of spin waves and plasmons
10:48-11:12Piotr BuszElectrical control of single spin dynamics in single atoms with spin-polarized STM
11:12-11:36Stefan StagraczyńskiStatic and dynamic magnetic properties of monolayers and bilayers of chromium trihalides
11:36-12:00Piotr TrochaThermal Generation of Spin Current in a Quantum Dot-Based Hybrid System
12:00-13:00 lunch
13:00-15:15 PhD sessionChair: prof. Anna Dyrdał
13:00-13:15Izabella WojciechowskaAnomalous, spin and valley Hall effects in graphene-based EX-SO-TIC van-der-Waals structures
13:15-13:30Mathieu MoalicDynamic interactions between edge and bulk modes in an antidot lattice with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
13:30-13:45Mirali JafariMagnetic Properties of Monolayer and Bilayer of Vanadium-based Transition Metal Dichalcogenides VX2 (X=S, Se, and Te)
13:45-14:00Krzysztof SobuckiMagnonic counterparts to phenomena known in optics found in spin-wave reflection from magnonic Gires-Tournois interferometer
14:00-14:15Emil SiudaConversion between electronic and magnonic spin currents driven with spin-thermoelectric effect in a quantum dot hybrid system
14:15-14:30Krzysztof SzulcRole of the surface anisotropy on the spin-wave dispersion of a thin
ferromagnetic layer
14:30-14:45Anna KrzyżewskaNon-linear Hall effect induced by Berry curvature dipole in a two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit interaction
14:45-15:00Patrycja TulewiczA direct method for measuring quantum entanglement and Bell nonlocality of two-qubit states through Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometry
15:00-15:15Kateryna BoboshkoNonlinear Longitudinal and Transverse DC Conductivity in Topological Insulators: Effect of Scattering on Spin-Orbital Impurities and Non-equilibrium Spin Polarization
15:15-16:00 coffee break
16:00-18:00 Scientific sessionChair: prof. Tomasz Kostyrko
First-passage time statistics for non-linear diffusion
16:30-17:00Agnieszka CichyConnection between the semiconductor--superconductor transition and the spin-polarized superconducting phase in the honeycomb lattice
17:00-17:10Elwira BiłokońCorrelations in 1D optical lattices with AEL atoms
17:10-17:20Walerija BiłokońCorrelations in 1D optical lattices with AEL atoms
17:20-17:40Julia KharlanTheory of three-wave scattering of bulk and edge spin waves
Final remarks and closing