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AMU physics


Using tunable materials for ultimate reconfiguration and functional diversity at far- and mid-infrared
prof. UAM dr hab. Andriy Serebryannikov

Date, Time
24.06, 15:00 - 16:00

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Tunable materials have the unprecedented potential in control of wave processes in all parts of electromagnetic spectrum. The aim of this talk is to demonstrate how the “spaces” of material and control parameters are connected with the “space” of functionalities. The emphasis is put on ultimate reconfiguration, which occurs when small or moderate variations of a control parameter lead to the dramatic changes in terms of functionality. For the demonstration purposes, far-infrared and mid-infrared ranges are chosen, in which the variety of suitable materials is expected to be especially rich. The considered materials include indium antimonide, vanadium dioxide, graphene, and indium arsenide. Results are presented for the selected scattering, diffraction, polarization conversion and other problems.