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AMU physics

Dr hab. Paweł Kurzyński, prof. UAM

Department of Nonlinear Optics

Scientific degrees

Habilitation in Physics – 2015
PhD in Physics – 2007
MSc in Physics – 2005

Research interests

keywords: foundations of quantum theory, quantum dynamics

Foundations of quantum theory: contextuality and non-locality, Bell inequalities, negative “probabilities”, entanglement, identical particles

Quantum dynamics: discrete quantum dynamics, quantum cellular automata, nonlinear quantum dynamics, quantum chaos, quantum synchronisa7on, dynamics of composite quantum objects

Interview with Prof. Kurzyński on Youtube.

Scientific achievements

(2016 – present) Visiting Senior Research Fellow (Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore)
(2015 – 2017) Scholarship for Talented Young Researchers (Ministry of Science and Higher Educa7on, Poland)
(2013 – present) Member of the Foundational Questions Institute (FQxI, USA)
(2010 – 2015) PostDoc (Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore)