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Workshop MagIC+

MagIC+ (Magnetism, Interactions and Complexity) is the satellite workshop to The European Conference Physics of Magnetism 2021, PM’21. The workshop takes place in July 5 – 7, 2021 and is organized fully on-line.

     The topic of the MagIC+ workshop focuses on novel ideas in combined areas of spintronic and magnonic. The programme feature an overview of and introduction into cutting-edge research in spintronics and magnonics, with a focus on their cross-disciplinary topics involved 2D materials, nanoscale magnetization textures, topological phases and beyond. The Workshop aims to stimulate discussion between early-stage and experienced researchers working in the field of magnonics and spintronics. The Workshop offers an excellent opportunity to share the latest results, exchange opinions, and discuss emergent and future directions related to spin-waves and magnetic solitons, spin-dependent transport, and spintronics devices based on new quantum materials. The lectures will be delivered by world-leading experts in spintronics and magnonics, broadly united under the following topics:

  • skyrmions and their dynamics,
  • 3D solitons and 3D magnonics,
  • quantum materials
  • metamaterials,
  • van-der-Waals heterostructures and twisted magnets,
  • antiferromagnetic spintronics,
  • valleytronics and spin-orbitronics,
  • topological insulators,
  • topological properties (quantum and classical) of 2D materials,
  • magnetotransport,
  • supermagnonics,
  • optospintronics

More details are presented on the workshop web page: https://magic2021.amu.edu.pl/