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2D Quantum Materials for Spintronics: 2DQMS 2024

2Dtronics is organising the workshop “2D Quantum Materials for Spintronics: 2DQMS 2024” at the Faculty of Physics, AMU on the 29th-31st of January 2024. 2DQMS 2024 is the final event of the 2Dtronics Consortium and focuses on various aspects of 2D Spintronics, such as spin effects in transport phenomena, topological properties of matter, van-der-Waals materials, 2D magnetic, etc. For more details, please go to the 2DQMS webpage: https://2dtronics.amu.edu.pl/2DQMS

The workshop is sponsored by 2Dtronics, and there is no conference fee. At this moment we still have some available slots for contributed talks and posters. 

All lectures are open to the Institute members.

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