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Collection for power supply for the Institute of Magnetism in Kyiv is completed

At the beginning of November, a fundraiser began for the purchase of a power supply for the Institute of Magnetism in Kyiv. The collection was successful – just before Christmas, the station arrived at the Institute along with accompanying Christmas greeting card. Thank you for your donations!

Colleagues in Kyiv thank you for your support and send Christmas wishes.

It is hard for me to imagine what difficulties the residents of Kyiv are facing this Christmas. So it is difficult to wish them a “Happy Holidays” (pol. “Wesołych Świąt”) but one can certainly wish them faith in a better future. I am convinced that this wish will come true sooner than most of us think.

Thank you for all your contributions – the collection is closed.

Merry Christmas to All
Jaroslaw W. Klos

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