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AMU physics


New grants are going to be realized in ISQI

National Science Center Poland recommended for founding a few grants which will be realized in ISQI.

dr Susmita Saha, Sonata, panel: ST5, Magnetization dynamics in Artificial Magphonic Spin Ice (AMPSI), 36 months, 1 115 558 PLN

dr Bivas Rana, Sonata, panel: ST3, Magnon-phonon coupling in Magnetic 2D heterostructures in presence and absence of skyrmion lattice, 36 months, 1 617 953 PLN

dr hab. Jarosław W. Kłos, Preludium-bis, panel ST5, Spin waves in hybrid nanostructures – the role of surface anisotropy, 48 months, 484 129 PLN

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