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Publication in Nano Letters

The manuscript “Magnon-Optic Effects with Spin-Wave Leaky Modes: Tunable Goos-Hänchen Shift and Wood’s Anomaly” by Krzysztof Sobucki, Paweł Gruszecki and Maciej Krawczyk was accepted for publication in prestigious journal Nano Letters (IF 10.8).

Nano Lett 23, 6979−6984 (2023)

We demonstrate numerically how a spin wave (SW) beam obliquely incident on the edge of a thin film placed below a ferromagnetic stripe can excite leaky SWs guided along the stripe. During propagation, leaky waves emit energy back into the layer in the form of plane waves and several laterally shifted parallel SW beams. This resonance excitation, combined with interference effects of the reflected and re-emitted waves, results in the magnonic Wood’s anomaly and a significant increase of the Goos-Hänchen shift magnitude. This yields a unique platform to control SW reflection and transdimensional magnonic router that can transfer SWs from a 2D platform into a 1D guided mode.

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