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AMU physics

Dr hab. Agnieszka Cichy, prof. UAM

Department of Theory of Condensed Matter

Scientific degrees

M.Sc. In Theoretical Physics – 2006
PhD in Theoretical Physics (with distinction) – 2012
Habilitation in Physics – 2021

Research interests

Keywords: condensed matter physics, strongly correlated systems, ultracold atomic gases on the lattice, unconventional superconductivity, magnetic ordering in solids




Agnieszka Cichy, Konrad J. Kapcia, Andrzej Ptok

Spin-polarized superconducting phase in semiconducting system with next-nearest-neighbor hopping on the honeycomb lattice

J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 589 , pp. 171522, 2024.

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V. Bilokon, E. Bilokon, M. C. Bañuls, Agnieszka Cichy, A. Sotnikov

Many-body correlations in one-dimensional optical lattices with alkaline-earth(-like) atoms

Scientific Reports, 13 , pp. 9857, 2023.

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Agnieszka Cichy, Konrad J. Kapcia, Andrzej Ptok

Connection between the semiconductor-superconductor transition and the spin-polarized superconducting phase in the honeycomb lattice

Phys. Rev. B, 105 , pp. 214510, 2022.

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