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AMU physics

Dr. Arnab Laha

Department of Nonlinear Optics

Scientific degrees: 

PhD in Radiophysics and Electronics from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata – 700009, India – 2021

Postdoctoral research experiences:

National Postdoctoral Fellow at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi – 110016, India – Feb 2022 to Mar 2023

Research interest:

Exploring the fundamental physics of Exceptional Point (EP) singularities in non-Hermitian systems and implementing such singularities in various linear and nonlinear photonic systems with gain-loss toward a range of quantum-optical applications in the context of light-matter interactions.
Keywords: Optics and Photonics, Non-Hermitian systems, Microcavities, Waveguides, Gain-loss, Exceptional Points, PT-symmetry, Nonreciprocity
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