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AMU physics

Dr. Przemysław Grzybowski

Department of Theory of Condensed Matter

Scientific degrees

PhD in Physics – 2006

Research interests

Keywords: strongly correlated systems, one-dimensional systems, topological isolators, Monte Carlo algorithms, neural networks

My research interests encompass several areas: (i) Strongly correlated electron, electron-phonon and boson systems. In two and three dimensions such systems often exhibit exotic superconductivity, charge and magnetic orderings, and interplay of those. One of the examples are high-Tc cuprate superconductors. (ii) One-dimensional systems have unique properties described by Luttinger liquid, spin-charge separation, etc. Domain-wall type excitations (i.e. spinons) frequently carry fractional spin or charge. Strong correlations often lead to fractional exclusion statistics or string (hidden) order.  Interestingly many models can be exactly solved, I’m author of one of such solutions. (iii) Statistical physics, numerical complexity theory and neural networks are deeply connected areas. I develop new methods and Monte Carlo algorithms, motivated by statistical physics, for physical and neural networks models.

Research stays

2017-2018 The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO Barcelona), prof. Maciej Lewenstein group (21 months)
2014 The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO Barcelona), prof. Maciej Lewenstein group (1 month)
2013 The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO Barcelona), prof. Maciej Lewenstein group (1 month)
2012 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich), prof. Manfred Sigrist group (1 month)
2011 University of Fribourg (Switzerland), prof. Dionys Baeriswyl group (1 month)

Scientific achievements

since 2016 – multiple Awards of the Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
1997 Medal of Adam Mickiewicz University





Maciej Lewenstein, David Cirauqui, Miguel Angel Garcia-March, Guillem Guigo i Corominas, Przemysław R. Grzybowski, Jose Saavedra, Martin Wilkens, Jan Wehr

Haake-Lewenstein-Wilkens approach to spin-glasses revisited

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2022.

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Monika Aidelsburger, Luca Barbiero, Alejandro Bermudez, Titas Chanda, Alexandre Dauphin, Daniel González-Cuadra, Przemysław R. Grzybowski, Simon Hands, Fred Jendrzejewski, Johannes Jünemann adn Gediminas Juzeliu ̄nas, Valentin Kasper, Angelo Piga, Shi-Ju Ran, Matteo Rizzi, Germán Sierra, Luca Tagliacozzo, Emanuele Tirrito, Torsten V. Zache, Jakub Zakrzewski, Erez Zohar, Maciej Lewenstein

Cold atoms meet lattice gauge theory

Philos. Trans. A Math. Phys. Eng. Sci., 380 (2216), pp. 20210064, 2021.

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