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AMU physics

Dr. Syamlal Sankaran Kunnath

Department of Physics of Nanostructures

Scientific degrees

Ph.D. in Physics – 2023 – SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

M.Sc. in Physics – 2018 – SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India

B.Sc. in Physics – 2016 – University of Calicut, India

Research interests

Keywords: Spintronics, Magnonics, Nanomagnetism, Magnetization dynamics, Magnetic skyrmions, Artificial Spin Ice

The research is focused on the study of spinwave dynamics and topological properties in various magnetic thin films and lateral confined systems using experimental and simulation techniques. In particular, the investigation of emergent phenomena such as artificial spin ice systems with frustrated states.

Scientific Achievements:

  • Organizing member in IEEE Around the Clock-Around the Globe (AtC-AtG) 2023 Conference
  • Organizing member in “Evolution of Electronic Structure Theory & Experimental Realization (EESTER-2023)” Workshop and Conference
  • Conference Grant by 2022 Joint MMM – Intermag Conference, New Orleans, USA
  • SAKURA – Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program, Japan Science and Technology, Japan, 2017
  • Research Fellow, CRG Project, SERB – India, 2019 – 2022



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