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AMU physics

M.Sc. Anand Manaparambil

Department of Mesoscopic Physics

Scientific degrees

2014-2019: Integrated BS-MS in Physics from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research – Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM)

Research interests

keywords: transport through correlated nanostructures, numerical renormalization group, matrix product states, Kondo effect

Electronic as well as spin transport through nanoscale systems exhibits fascinating physics, owing to the various effects prevalent at that scale such as quantum confinement, electronic correlations, etc… Transport studies through such systems promises interesting insights into the underlying physics besides possible applications on nanoelectronics, spintronics and quantum information technologies. We develop and adapt advanced numerical methods based on numerical renormalization group methods for the accurate theoretical analysis of strongly correlated nanostructures, particularly focusing on their electronic/spin transport properties near the Kondo regime.




Anand Manaparambil, Ireneusz Weymann

Giant tunnel magnetoresistance induced by thermal bias

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 587 , pp. 171272, 2023.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX


Anand Manaparambil, Ireneusz Weymann

Nonequilibrium Seebeck effect and thermoelectric efficiency of Kondo-correlated molecular junctions

Phys. Rev. B, 107 , pp. 085404, 2023.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX



Anand Manaparambil, Andreas Weichselbaum, Jan von Delft, Ireneusz Weymann

Nonequilibrium spintronic transport through Kondo impurities

Phys. Rev. B, 106 , pp. 125413, 2022.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX



Anand Manaparambil, Ireneusz Weymann

Spin Seebeck effect of correlated magnetic molecules

Sci. Rep., 11 (9192), pp. 1-15, 2021.

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