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AMU physics

Dr hab. Przemysław Chełminiak, prof. UAM

Department of Theory of Condensed Matter

Scientific degrees

MSc in Physics – 1996
PhD in Physics – 2001
Habilitation in Biophysics – 2016
Professor UAM – 2018

Research interests

Keywords: statistical and stochastic thermodynamics, diffusion under stochastic resetting, biological molecular machines, complex networks

The first area of my research interests includes biophysics of nanoscopic molecular machines, in particular thermodynamic processes of free energy transduction and information processing. The second research area concerns the diffusion processes that occur under the influence of mechanisms of stochastic resetting/restart. In my research I use computational methods of statistical physics, stochastic thermodynamics and the theory of complex networks (graphs).

Scientific achievements

2001 – one week academic training in Department of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, University of London, United Kingdom
2004 – three-months academic training in Department of Physics, University of Alberta, Canada
2005-2008 – postdoctoral position in Departments of Physics, University of Warwick, United Kingdom and University of Alberta, Canada
2011 – one-month academic training in Norges Teknisk – Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, Trondheim, Norway
2014 – AMU Rector’s Award of third degree for scientific achievements

Other information

2010 – Postgraduate studies in Research Project Manager
2010 – Training F5 Konsulting Sp. z o.o in the field of marketing, business, intellectual property and business plans






Przemysław Chełminiak

First-passage time statistics for non-linear diffusion

Physica A, 633 , pp. 129370, 2024.




Przemysław Chełminiak

Non-linear diffusion with stochastic resetting

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 55 (38), pp. 384004, 2022.

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