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AMU physics

Tomasz Kostyrko

Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Kostyrko

Department of Theory of Condensed Matter

  • Tel: +48 61 829 5048
  • Loc: wing D, first floor, room 105

Scientific degrees

PhD in Physics –  1984
habilitation in Physics – 1997
professor – 2015

Research interests

Keywords: scondensed matter theory, computational material science, molecular electronics, transport theory, surface physics

Focus of my current research is theory of nanosystems, based on many body theory and computational methods of material science. I study spatial structure and electronic states of nanosystems as well as electronic transport through the nanostructures: systems of quantum dots, molecular junctions, carbon nanotubes, using both the model approach as well as the density functional theory. Part of my recent research aims at understanding the details of interactions between the nanosystems and surfaces of metals and insulators, upon which the nanosystems are deposited.

Scientific achievements

  • Sweden, Technical University of Linköping, 1987-1988 (internship – 12 months)
  • France, CNRS-CRTBT Grenoble, 1984-1985 (internship – 12 months)
  • USA, ORNL Oak Ridge, TN, 1998-1999 (internship – 24 months)





Tomasz Kostyrko

A DFT+U study of carbon nanotubes under influence of a gate voltage

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 593 , pp. 171869, 2024.

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