Two scientific scholarships for the master students in Department of Nanostructures Physics

Poznań, June 17, 2021

Department of Nanostructures Physics, Institute of Spintronics and Quantum Information at the Faculty of Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań announces two research scholarships for master students. The scholarships are financed by the National Science Center under the OPUS-37 grant No. 2020/37/B/ST3/03936: “New platform for study wave phenomenon – reconfigurable topological properties and frustrated ground states in magnonics”, coordinated by prof. Maciej Krawczyk.

• student of the master program at universities in the territory of Poland;
• availability, willingness to self-improvement, high motivation to research work;
• knowledge of the English language at an intermediate level;
• ability to work in a team.

Description of tasks:
The scholarship holders will be included in the research carried out by the theoretical and experimental research team at the Department of Nanostructures Physics, which is conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Molecular Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań. Especially:
Scholarship 1: numerical studies with micromagnetic simulations (MuMAx3, no software knowledge required for recruitment) of spin-wave dynamics in magnonic crystals with non-linear magnetization, searching for frustration in spin ice type crystals.
Scholarship 2: Performing spin-wave measurements using Brillouin light scattering on thin-layered magnonic crystals depending on the shape of the elements and the lattice constant. Experimental confirmation of the existence of topological states.
The tasks of the fellows will include the development and interpretation of results, cooperation in the preparation of scientific publications and presenting the results at international conferences.

NCN Project: OPUS 37 – ST3;
Deadline for application: September 20, 2021;
On email: