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Workshop MagIC+, July 24 – 28, 2023

A MagIC+ (>>>) workshop took place at the end of July (July 24 – 28, 2023). MagIC+ (Magnetism, Interactions and Complexity: innovative ideas on spin wave dynamics and transport properties in low-dimensional materials) is a
satellite workshop to The European Conference Physics of Magnetism 2023 (>>>).

The MagIC + workshop held in Będlewo >>>, Poland, in a beautiful palace built in neo-Gothic style. Its topics will focus on innovative ideas in the fields of spintronics, magnonics and materials science, with particular emphasis on 2D materials, nanoscale magnetization textures, topological phases and more. The Workshop was planed to stimulate discussions between beginners and experienced scientists in the field of magnonics and spintronics and materials science to look for new effects and the possibility of their practical use. The Workshop offered an excellent opportunity to share the latest results and exchange opinions.

The workshop MagIC + was co-organized by the members of ISIQ.

  • Anna Dyrdał (Chairman)
  • Maciej Krawczyk (Chairman)
  • Ireneusz Weyman(local committee)
  • Mateusz Zelent (local committee)

Webpage of the workshop >>>
Book of abstracts >>>

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